Find the Markers Lucky Marker Location Guide

To celebrat Saint Patrick’s Day Find the Markers is holding a special seasonal event in Roblox. This special event fatures the appearance of two special markers: Lucky and Clover. Both markers are available for a limited time and must be found to add to your Markerdex. To help you find Lucky see our Find the Markers Lucky marker location guide below.

How to Get the Lucky Marker Located?

Roblox Lucky Marker maze entrance.
Go in the green gate by Lucky’s Souvenirs to reach the maze.

The Lucky Marker is only available for players to acquired during the month of March. While the event is active there is a green glowing door that appears near the starting spawn point. This green door is besides a character running a stall named Leprokon. To start searching for this marker go through the door to reach a maze.

Lucky Marker Maze Solution

Inside the maze you need to find the Lucky Marker that is hidden somewhere inside of it. Like many mazes you’ve probably encountered before this maze can be a bit disorienting. To help you navigate it, check out the short video we posted to the Hold To Reset YouTube Channel to learn the proper path to find the Lucky Marker. Once you do reach the marker in its hiding place simply walk into it to collect it and add it to your inventory.

The Lucky Marker is a special marker given its limited and Hard Event nature. When you collect the Lucky Marker it is said that it will give luck to all when he’s around. Marker-finding rates are always higher if he’s present.

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