Find the Markers Fallen Log Marker Location Guide

In Roblox experience Find the Markers players are tasked with searching across various biomes for hidden markers. Many of these markers are hidden in plan sight while others are hidden much harder. One of the harder markers to find is the Log Marker. This marker is really difficult to locate if you don’t know where to look. To help you find this marker we’ve put together this Find the Markers Fallen Log Marker location guide.

Where is the Fallen Log Marker

Roblox Find the Markers climbing the clock tower invisible ladder.
Climb the clock tower near spawn using the invisible ladder.

To find the Fall Log Marker you need to make your way to the Fantasy Forest in the Washable Kingdom biome. To reach this location climb up the invisible ladder of the Clock Tower. At the top of the tower walk into the clock to be warped to the Washable Kingdom location.

In the Washable Kingdom biome make your way into the area to the left of the castle that has the waterfall. This area is Fantasy Forest. Walk over to the leftside of the waterfall. Here you will find some rock shelves you can jump on top to reach the top of the waterfall.

At the top of the waterfall look for a discolored portion of wall in the corner by the rock and the waterfall. Walk into this discolored section. You will walk behind the waterfall into a secret room located there. Inside this room is a challenge you must complete to unlock the Fallen Log Marker.

Knife Challenge

In the room behind the waterfall there is a large smiley face. Approach the face and push the “begin rotation” button when prompted. To complete the challenge with the smiley face you need to drop 18 knives into the face while it rotates. If you hit the other knives you dropped you restart. An easy way of completing the knife challenge is to stack as many of the knives on one side as possible. This gives you more room as the smiley face spins faster.

Once the knife challenge is complete the Fallen Log Marker appears behind. Approach the marker and walk into it. When you do this it is added to your Markerdex. The Fallen Log Marker is one of the hardest markers to find and collect in the game.

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