Find the Markers Clover Marker Location Guide

To celebrat Saint Patrick’s Day Find the Markers is holding a special seasonal event in Roblox. This special event fatures the appearance of two special markers: Lucky and Clover. Both markers are available for a limited time and must be found to add to your Markerdex. To help you find Clover see our Find the Markers Clover marker location guide below.

How to Get Clover Marker

From the starting spawn area make your way into the square and head to the house shown in the screenshot above. When facing the house head to the left of it to reach a path going into the mountains. Go up this path and head up the stairs at the end.

On top of the ridge you should see a tree stump with vines stretching across it to the trees below. Use these vines to cross the gap to reach the ridge on the far side. On the otherside you will find a path leading to a circle stones. Walk to the end of this path then turn left

Walk to the edge of the ridge and look down below. You will see a Clover on the ledge below you by a rock. Drop down to this ledge and step on the Clover to warp to a new location. In this new location you will be able to find the Clover Marker.

In this new area there are a bunch of three and four leaf clovers scattered about. To solve this room and make Clover Marker appear you need to interact with all 5x four-leaft Clover plants by clicking on them. Once you’ve clicked on all 5x plants the Clover Marker will appear. Approach the marker and walk into it to add it to your Markerdex.

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