Find Building C Apartment 302 in Ghostwire Tokyo

As you advance through Ghostwire Tokyo you will eventually reach Chapter 3: Connection. During this chapter you find an apartment key. Once you have the key you need to track down a specific room in a specific apartment complex. To find building C Apartment 302 in Ghostwire Tokyo see our guide below.

Where is Building C Apartment 302

When you get the keys from the locker you will trigger the next quest objective. This objective is to find Building C, Apartment 302. On your map there is a search area in the north. Go to this location and along the middle in the circle. Go to where the map marker is shown above and look south to find Building C. It is the one that is overgrown and has police tape on it.

Once at the building look for an open door on the ground floor of the southside. Go through this door and go forward until you find some stairs. Go up the stairs to floor 2. On floor 2 make your way to the very end of the hallway to find a staircase you need to crouch to enter. Go into this staircase and go up to floor 3. Walk forward and destroy the corruption blocking your path. Enter the door the corruption was in front to reach Apartment 302.

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