FIFA 20 Getting Volta Football and New Gameplay Changes

EAs hit soccer title, FIFA 20, made an appearance at this years EA Play 2019. The newest addition of the soccer title is bringing Volta football and a number of gameplay changes to the series. Check them out below.

Volta Football brings FIFA 20 to the Streets

Image showing Volta Football FIFA 20 mode.

Volta Football is a new game mode coming to FIFA 20 which takes place inside cages in streets across different cities like Tokyo, Amsterdam, and London. This game mode aims to capture is more freestyle and personality that normally isn’t found on the big stage. Volta will feature an in depth character creation mode that features both male and female characters.

Football Intelligence Aims to Improve Gameplay

Image showing FIFA 20 logo.

Football Intelligence is a newly designed approach to gameplay in FIFA 20. This new approach aims to tackle the three approaches to playing: off ball, on ball, and ball.

Off ball changes hope to how ai teammates play the game. Under the new changes your AI will play more realistic, spacing the field in a manner that is more realistic than every before.

On ball changes hope to impact how you, the player, plays the game. Changes include fundamental changes to attacking like how shooting works and better ball control. Alongside changes to attacking there will be changes to defense. There will also be major changes to free kicks and penalty kicks like how you aim and shoot the ball.

Ball changes are the final thing they announced in terms of changes to FIFA 20. EA rewrote how the ball interacts to players, certain styles of shots, and basically ball physics in general.

They also announced that changes will be coming to pace, strength, and skill moves. These changes will show

FIFA 20 is coming September 27th for general release, but players with EA Access get the game September 19th.

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