Fallout 76 Space Suit Location

In Fallout 76 you can find a ton of different outfits out on your adventure. One of these outfits you can find is the Space Suit. Below I will show you the Space Suit location so you can grab it for yourself. Note: The Space Suit outfit shields you from a number of different elements including radiation.

Go to the Crashed Space Station Location

Crashed Space Station Location

Here is where you will find the Crashed Space Station Location.

To find the Space Suit you are gonna want to make your way to the Crashed Space Station location. This location can be found in the northern area of the map. At the location highlighted on the map above, you will find a Crashed Space Station as well as a number of Super Mutants (levels ranged from 6 – 16 for me). In this area you probably want to clear them out to avoid any annoyances, but regardless we want to make our way to the piece of the Space Station marked C7.

C7 Airlock

The C7 portion of the Space Station can be found on the north side of the area along the cliffs. You will recognize the chunk of Space Station I am talked about as there is a large C7 stamped above its door. When you reach the door located above, chances are it’s Inaccessible. That’s okay as there is a pin pad to the right we can punch in the code 111418. When you punch in this code, the door will open and you can make your way inside. Along the wall closest to the door you came in, there are is a bank of lockers. Inside the lockers you will find the following:

  • Spacesuit.
  • Spacesuit Helmet.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve gotten your own spacesuit to walk around the wasteland in.

C7 Airlock Door Code Location

If you’ve reached the Inaccessible door highlighted above and haven’t had any luck with the code provided, fear not! You can find the C7 Airlock door code on the southside of the Crashed Space Station in a piece embedded in the ground (there is a bunch of metal sticking out of it). Inside this piece there is a powerful Super Mutant as well as the C7 Airlock Door Code on a piece of paper. When you read the paper you will see that the code is 111418. Take it and head to the C7 Airlock.

How to Equip the Space Suit

How to Equip the Space Suit

You can equip the Space Suit from your Pip-Boy.

Once you have the Space Suit, equipping it is one of the easiest things you can do. Open your Pip-Boy and make your way to the Item > Apparel tab. ONce on this tab, scroll down until you find both the Spacesuit and Spacesuit Helmet. Press equip and you’re all done.

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