Fallout 76 Scavenger Outfit Location

One of the interesting aspects of Fallout 76 is the staggering amount of outfits you can find for your character in game. If you want to really get weird with your style, I recommend picking up a Scavenger Outfit. To find this interesting clothing item, check out our Scavenger Outfit location guide below.

Scavenger Outfit Location: Eastern Regional Penitentiary

To get your very own Scavenger Outfit, you need to make your way to the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. This location can be found in the center of the map just north of the Morgantown Airport. Since it is a huge place to search I want to point you towards where exactly you will find the Scavenger Outfit.

To start you want to enter the Eastern Regional Penitentiary from the Main Entrance which is located on the Main Building. The Main Building is the one on the far south side of the penitentiary. Once you enter the building, walk straight through the reception area and make a right into Cell Block A. Go all the way through Cell Block A until you reach the Showers. In the Showers there are a number of lockers. Inside the locker you will find the Scavenger Outfit folded up. Grab it to add it to you inventory.

Equipping the Scavenger Outfit

Equipping the Scavenger Outfit

You can equip the Scavenger Outfit from your Pip-Boy.

Once you’ve grabbed the Scavenger Outfit it’s time to equip it. To do this, open your Pip-Boy and navigate to the Items > Apparel tab. From this tab you can scroll through your current apparel. Scroll down until you find the Scavenger Outfit. Equip it and marvel in its wasteland beauty.

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