Fall Guys Season 5 Pass Content List

Season 5 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is out now and with it comes a bunch of new content. Besides new mini-games to compete in there is also a new season pass full of items to unlock. If you are wondering what items are in the season pass, you’ve come to the right place. Below is the complete Fall Guys Season 5 pass content list.

What’s in Falls Guys Season 5 Pass

The Djinn costume in Season 5 of Fall Guys.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

The Season 5 pass for Fall Guys is free of charge for players who purchased or own the game. This season pass works like previous passes in the game. You earn fame by competing in the different game modes. Once you earn enough fame you unlock a higher season pass level. Each level unlocks an item for your Fall Guy or account. The items you can unlock in Season 5 are:

Level UnlockItem
1 N/A
2Treasure Charter (Common)
31x Crown
4Adventure pattern (Common)
5Treasure Charter bottom (Common)
6Alpaca My Bags colour (Uncommon)
71,000 Kudos
8Tropical Tree bottom (Uncommon)
91x Crown
10Adventure nameplate (Uncommon)
11Tropical Tree top (Uncommon)
12Stonework pattern (Uncommon)
13Dromedary Pioneer bottom (Rare)
142x Crowns
15It’s Elementary colour (Rare)
16Dromedary Pioneer top (Rare)
171,000 Kudos
18Rhino Tamer nickname (Rare)
192x Crowns
20Safari colour (Rare)
21Guy Spelunky bottom (Legendary)
223,500 Kudos
23Treasure Map nameplate (Rare)
24Spelunker nameplate (Legendary)
253x Crowns
26Guy Spelunky top (Legendary)
273,500 Kudos
28Ancient Glyphs pattern (Rare)
29Dynamic Duo nickname (Epic)
303x Crowns
31Lemon Lookout nameplate (Rare)
32Cavalier bottom (Rare)
335,000 Kudos
34Snake Eyes faceplate (Epic)
35Hairy pattern (Rare)
36Cavalier top (Rare)
375x Crowns
38Fleet Admiral nickname (Rare)
39Scourge of the Seas top (Epic)
40Let’s Mosey colour (Epic)
41Scourge of the Seas Nameplate (Epic)
42Scourge of the Seas bottom (Epic)
435,000 Kudos
44Mummy Walk emote (Epic)
455x Crowns
46Djinn bottom (Legendary)
475,000 Kudos
48Sun Diety pattern (Legendary)
49Siren colour (Legendary)
50Djinn top (Legendary)

How Many Crowns are in the Season 5 Pass

By levelling up the Season 5 pass in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout you can earn yourself some Crowns. These Crowns can be used in the game’s shop. The levels you get Crowns at are:

  • 3: 1x Crown.
  • 9: 1x Crown.
  • 14: 2x Crowns.
  • 19: 2x Crowns.
  • 25: 3x Crowns.
  • 30: 3x Crowns.
  • 37: 5x Crowns.
  • 45: 5x Crowns.

Reaching Level 45 (the last level for Crowns rewards) will net you a total of 22 Crowns from the season pass. These 22 Crowns are free to spend in the shop on special items that cost Crowns to buy.

That’s all you really need to know about the content in the Fall Guys Season 5 pass. Levelling up this pass by simply playing the game is the easiest method to acquire items in the game. This is especially true for Crowns if you have trouble winning regularly.

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