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Expeditions are the end game of Outriders. These special missions challenge players to complete increasingly difficult combat situations for loot. To reach the highest power you can get in Outriders you need to participate in the Expeditions. To help you learn more about this end-game activity we’ve put together this brief Expeditions guide. In it you will learn how to start Expeditions and what they are.

How to Start Expeditions

Image showing in-game information about Expeditions in Outriders.

As mentioned above Expeditions are an end game activity. This means you need to complete the entire main story arch of the game. Once the main story is beaten and the credits have rolled you will gain access to the Outriders’ Camp location. In this location there is a special Drop Pod and Drop Pod Map. Both of these are part of the Expeditions and are accessible in every campsite when unlocked. The map table allows you to embark on an Expedition while the Drop Pod gives out Expedition Rewards.

What is an Expedition

Image showing a successful Expedition in Outriders.

An Expedition is an end-game level you can complete for loot. The map table features the levels you can play. The levels rotate being active and there are a number of them for you to attempt at any time. To start an Expedition highlight on the map and select it. You will then see an information screen containing the following:

  • Tier: The Expedition Tier works much like the World Rank during story mode. The higher the Tier the higher the difficulty and reward of the Expedition you are attempting. Each time you complete an Expedition you increase the Tier. The max Tier you can reach is 15.
  • Time: While on an Expedition you are timed. Completing the Expedition quickly results in better rewards. The faster you complete it the better the possible rewards received.
  • Drop Pod Resources: At the end of each Expedition there is a Drop Pod filled with resources. Opening this Drop Pod earns you Drop Pod Resources, a special currency. You only get the currency by completing the Expeditions successfully.

Completing an Expedition in Outriders comes down to survival. If you die while attempting the mission you fail. This doesn’t mean you don’t get any rewards, it just means the rewards aren’t very good. Speaking of rewards…

Where to Collect Expedition Rewards

Image showing Tiago's shop in Outriders.

There are a few ways of getting rewards from the Expeditions. The first method is to complete the Expedition. At the end of the Expedition you will open the Drop Pod to receive both the Drop Pod Resources and weapons and items. The second way of getting at your rewards assumes you failed. If this happens back at the Outriders’ Camp you will find your crate of rewards next to the Drop Pod there. The final way of getting Rewards is purchasing them from Tiago using Drop Pod Resources. This NPC sells Rare and Legendary items in the Outriders’ Camp.

Unlock the Final Fight & Boss

The ultimate goal for the Expeditions is to get strong enough to take on the final fight and boss on the level called The Eye of the Storm. This final Expedition is unlocked by reaching Tier 15 and collecting 40,000 Drop Pod Resources. Once these requirements are met you will be able to attempt this final fight. Once we get to that point this guide will be updated to reflect accordingly.

That’s all you need to know about the Expeditions in Outriders. This end game activity promises a number of hours of gameplay as you grind your way through the different levels and tiers. This game mode offers a chance to grind out your character until they are the ultimate Outrider.

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