Everything From the Destiny 2 Live Stream

Destiny 2 held a live stream today to layout the next chapter for their space shooter. This live stream featured a number of interesting announcements. Check out everything in the Destiny 2 live stream below.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Trailer

The live stream started off with a look at the upcoming expansion called Shadowkeep. This trailer took place on the moon, hinting at a threat lurking beneath the surface. Shadowkeep is a standalone title you will be able to jump right into on September 17, 2019 for $35.

Destiny 2 Vision for Future

Image showing some armor sets in Destiny 2.

There are a number of things Bungie wants to accomplish now that they are self publishing. These goals are broken into three major categories.

Goal 1: Embrace the action MMO title label of the game. Will start implementing elements in the fall with new additions in core action mmo areas like stats and the social game.

  • More character sheet depth.
  • Armor sets are being overhauled in what they call armor sets 2.0.
  • They also briefly showed Artifacts which looks like a form of transmogs.
  • New finishers are coming to the classes.
  • Experiential depth is a focus of the studio.
  • Easier matchmaking and getting into activities faster and more efficiently.

Goal 2: There will be emphasis on making amazing world events that bring the community together.

  • Black Garden raid coming.
  • Trials may be at a thing again at some point, but there is a lot to do before then.

Goal 3: Play anywhere.

  • Destiny 2 was revealed as a major launch title of Stadia.
  • Also coming is cross save across consoles and PC.
  • Free to play entry is coming in the form of New Light.
    • New Light allows for players to play for free and jump into content they want with their friends.
    • New Light starts in a famous Destiny level. Upon completion the player flies to The Tower and can start playing Campaigns, Strikes, Crucible, Gambits, Raids, and unlocked Destinations over time (will include the Moon).
  • Content going forward will be à la carte, meaning you can buy things you want rather than be forced to buy full packs.
  • Destiny 2 is moving over to Steam for PC distribution.
  • Content bundle will be coming for $40 featuring previous expansions.

This is the general announcements from the Destiny 2 live stream today. If you want to watch it all yourself, check out the archived stream here.

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