Everything From The Pokemon 2019 Press Conference

Today, the Pokemon Company held their Pokemon 2019 Press Conference. During this event they announced a number of interesting Pokemon projects. Below is everything from the Pokemon 2019 press conference.

  • Detective Pikachu sequel coming to Nintendo Switch.
  • Pokemon Centers (Pokemon retail stores) are opening in Japan. Showed a concept of one of the stores. Will feature digital and physical retail space.
  • NetEase is releasing Pokemon Quest in China. Will preserve the core gameplay of the world version but will add PvP and social spaces.
  • Pokemon Home announced. A place where all Pokemon can gather. Will work with smartphones and Nintendo Switch. Will let you access Pokemon bank, Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, Sword and Shield, and Pokemon GO. Will allow you to trade with friends and people over the internet. Aiming to release in 2020.
  • Getting a good sleep will be the core gameplay of Pokemon Sleep, a new game slated for release in 2020.
    • Nintendo is developing a device to track sleep called the Pokemon Go Plus +. It looks like a flat pokeball and can be used in a traditional Pokemon Go sense, but also placed on your bed to track your sleep. Sleep results are sent to smartphones.
    • Snorlax is appearing all over in Pokemon GO.
  • Pokemon Masters a new smartphone game is coming soon. Will feature all of your favorite Pokemon trainers from the past. Some footage was shown of this upcoming. Will launch in calendar year 2019. More details will come in June.
  • Pokemon shirts plugged. North America and Europe will be getting the service at a later date.

That’s all for the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference. Let me know what got you hyped in the comments below.

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