Everything Announced During the Pokemon Sword and Shield Live Stream

Ahead of the E3 rush, the Pokemon Company hosted a livestream showing off 15 minutes of their upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Here’s everything announced during the Pokemon Sword and Shield live stream.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Live Stream Reveals

The Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield live stream was held on Nintendo’s YouTube and Twitch channels. During the live stream the company showed off a new 15 minutes of the upcoming titles. Here’s what we saw:

  • New trailer showing off gameplay.
  • Trailer featured new Pokemon including Wooloo (sheep looking pokemon), Gossifluer (flower pokemon), Drednaw (turtle like pokemon), Corvikinight (crow looking Pokemon) who serves as a taxi for the player to towns they’ve already visited.
  • Saw the evolution of Gossifluer into Eldegoss.
  • Will be a number of Pokemon we are already familiar with like Growlithe.
  • New area called Wild Area stretches between cities and features a number of different pokemon depending on where you are, the weather, and time of day.
  • Players have control over the camera in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, rather than it being fixed.
  • Dynamaxing is a new mechanic that allows for Pokemon to take giant form and boost their power. In Dynamax form, all the moves the Pokemon know will turn into max power. Dynamax can be triggered once per battle and lasts for three turns.
  • Max Raid Battles is a multiplayer raid battle that features four players (online or local) facing off against a permanently Dynamaxed Pokemon. First time there has been a 4 player type co op mode in Pokemon.
  • Greatest trainer in the Galar region is called Leon. Undefeated record in battles. Has the adoration of fans all over Galar.
  • Leon’s younger brother is named Hop. He acts as your rival.
  • On your journey you will receive support from Professor Magnolia and Sonia her assistant.
  • Pokemon Gyms in the Galar region have Pokemon Stadiums that allow for Pokemon to be Dynamaxed.
  • Gym Leader Milo is a grass type expert in the Galar region.
  • Showed another video featuring two wolves (one wielding a sword, and one with a shield) which are the game’s legendary pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta.

The release date of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is November 15, 2015.

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