Everything Announced at Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Conference

Another June, another E3 conference to cover. First to present of the big three is Microsoft, who are looking to make a splash with their Xbox One exclusives. Below is a complete list of everything announced at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 conference.

Xbox One E3 2018 Conference Game Announcements

Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Conference

Crackdown 3 screenshot from Xbox E3 2018.

Microsoft Business/Acquisitions

  • Phil Spencer: Exclusives from Xbox Studios are a major focus of Microsoft.
    • Increasing investment into established franchises.
    • Increasing investment into new franchises.
    • New studio formed called The Initiative. San Diego based studio.
    • Undead Labs is now a Microsoft Studio.
    • Playground Games (Forza) has been acquired by Microsoft.
    • Ninja Theory (Hellblade) has been acquired by Microsoft.
    • Compulsion Games (We Happy Few) acquired by Microsoft.
    • Microsoft is working on streaming games to PC, Xbox, and Phones.
    • The next Xbox consoles are being developed as we speak.

Xbox Game Pass Announcements

The Wind Road is one title shown during the Game Pass montage.

  • Ashley: Talking about the fact gaming is expensive. What if you could play all the games?
    • Xbox Game Pass: Over 100 games for one low price.
    • Machine learning allows for FastStart which is twice as fast as current title starting. Will launch in June update this month.
    • Halo the Master Chief Collection coming later this year.
    • Forza Horizon 4 & Crackdown 3 will launch on Game Pass when they release.
    • The Division, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Fallout 4 playable today on Xbox Game Pass.

Overall a fairly solid outing from Microsoft. As Phil Spencer pointed out, this E3 was the largest and most diverse of E3 presentations that they’ve been a part of. Ending the show with the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077  was a really nice touch. Easily for me, the titles I got most hyped about were the reveals of Sekiro, Cyberpunk 2077, and Cuphead DLC. See you later tonight for the Bethesda conference.

Watch the full Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 conference Twitch Vod here.

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