Endings Guide for Mortal Shell

In Mortal Shell there are a couple of endings players can unlock if they feel like it. These endings tell different outcomes to the story and are fairly easy to unlock. The first ending can be found rather quickly while the second ending requires actually playing through the game. To help you unlock both endings in the game use our endings guide for Mortal Shell below.


Rock the Lute Forever Ending

Image showing where to go to reach the swamps in Fallgrim.

Note: Save time by having Roasted Rat, Superior Moonshine, and a Lute in your inventory before unlocking this ending.

The first ending you can unlock can be found in the area of Fallgrim through the NPC called Baghead. Baghead can be found on part of the large tree in swamp area above Gorf. To reach this area head to the left when facing away from the Fall grim tower or right when facing it. Pass through the camp of enemies and go down the path to the river below. Pass through the cave with Gorf inside it and take the path on your left heading up to the tree.

Baghead NPC

Image showing Baghead in Mortal Shell.

Clear the enemy camp and continue heading forward up onto the tree to reach Baghead. Speak to Baghead to trigger a dialogue exchange. Basically Baghead asks that you give him two items:

  1. Roasted Rat.
  2. Superior Moonshine.

Both of these items can be found in campsites around the Fallgrim hub. If you fail to find them you can also buy them off the merchant in the Fallgrim Tower called Vlas (pet his cat while there you monster). Alongside these two items you need to acquire a lute. This item can also be found around Fallgrim or purchased from Vlas.

Once you have the items listed above you can return to Baghead. Speak to him again to and give him the desired items. Once he receives both the Roasted Rat and Superior Moonshine he will ask if you want to hang out forever. Say yes to trigger a cutscene where you play the Lute forever. Once the cutscene ends the credits will roll for the first ending.

Free then Defeat Old Prisoner/The Unchained Ending

Image showing The Unchained boss in Mortal Shell.

In the Fallgrim Tower you will encounter an NPC that is chained up. This NPC is called the Old Prisoner. When you speak to the Old Prisoner for the first time he mentions collecting three Glands from different areas around the world. These three Glands are found after defeating the three main area bosses:

  1. Imrod, The Unrepentant (Shrine of Ash).
  2. Crucix, The Twiceborn (Seat of Infinity).
  3. Tarsus, The First Martyr (Crypt of Martyrs).

Upon defeating all three of the bosses mentioned above you will have collected the necessary Glands for the Old Prisoner. Deliver the final gland to him to make him disappear. When the Old Prisoner disappears he leaves a hole where he was. Go down the hole to trigger a boss fight with The Unchained. Defeat The Unchained then choose whether to Extract Gland (enter NG+) or leave the area. Make your choice to complete the game.

These are both of the endings you can unlock in the game. Each ending tells a different outcome to the story. Obviously The Unchained ending is the true ending, but playing the lute forever isn’t so bad either. Which ending did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below.

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