Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights Boss List

Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights places players in the role of a young girl named Lily. Lily is a special girl who must discover the reason why a constant rain is falling in the kingdom. This rain is turning people into undead beasts that Lily must defeat with the help of spirits. To keep track of the major undead beasts you will encounter consult our Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights boss list below.

Note: This list is for EA 0.6.1.

Guardian Siegrid

Image showing the Guardian Siegrid boss in Ender Lilies Quietus of the Knights.

The first boss in the game you will encounter is Guardian Siegrid. This boss resides in the White Parish which is the opening area of the game. Guardian Siegrid has a two phases you need to defeat to beat her. Once this boss is defeated you unlock the Guardian Siegrid spirit and Guardian’s Leap which is the game’s double jump. To use this action simple tap the jump button a second time in the air to trigger a second jump.

Dark Witch Eleine

Image showing the Dark Witch Eleine boss.

Once you reach the end of the White Parish area you will encounter a crossroads. Here you can go up or down. Going down leads you to an area called the Witch’s Thicket. At the bottom of this area you will encounter the Dark Witch Eleine. This boss has three phases on one health bar. These phases each time you remove about a third of the health bar. Once you defeat this boss you will unlock the Lamentation achievement and will receive the Dark Witch Eleine Spirit and Witch’s Bubble. The Witch’s Bubble action allows swim in water.

Gerrod, The Elder Warrior

Image showing Gerrod, The Elder Warrior boss.

If you head up at the Crossroads you will reach the Cliffside Hamlet area. Near the end of this area you will fight Gerrod, The Elder Warrior. This boss fight is similar to Dark Witch Eleine in that it has three phases within the one health bar. Upon defeat of Gerrod, The Elder Warrior you will unlock the Fury achievement, the Gerrod, The Elder Warrior Spirit, and the Giant’s Hammer Action. The Giant Hammer Action allows you to ground smash to open up new areas.

These are all the currently available bosses in the game. As more bosses are added through the Early Access period I will adjust the list accordingly.

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