Elden Ring Speedrun Completed in Under 7 Minutes by Distortion2

The Elden Ring any % unrestricted category has been wild these past few weeks, but things have become even crazier these last few days. Just recently Distortion2 completed the game in under 9 minutes and it lit the internet on fire. Well, Distortion2 is back at it again, this time securing a blazingly fast sub 7 minute run of the game. See the full Elden Ring speedrun completed in under 7 minutes by Distortion2 below.

Elden Ring 7 Minute Any % Speed Run

If you haven’t seen an any % run of Elden Ring they are fairly interesting to watch. The runs use a special glitch called a Mega Zip which came out of the much weaker Zip glitch discovered earlier in the game’s release. These Mega Zips allow players to launch their characters through the air across large distances. This glitch allows players to travel through the world very quickly, without playing the game as you would traditionally.

In the Distortion2 run shown above the runner goes through the game by Mega Zipping to key areas and out of boss fights. This allows him to skip 99.9% of the game including enemies, items you need to pickup, and bosses you need to fight.

It’s a very wild run to watch with a number of crazy technical inputs being performed. You can see more of Distortion2’s insane skill on his Twitch channel at Distortion2. As of now it seems he is content with taking a break from having shattered the Elden Ring speedrun into a million pieces.

It’s tough to say if this is the ultimate speed run of Elden Ring. Given the nature of runs they typically push runners to find new and better exploits to use. Do you think this record will fall?

Thoughts on the Elden Ring speedrun completed in under 7 minutes by Distortion2? Let me hear them in the comments below.


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