Elden Ring Oridy’s Rise guide

In Elden Ring there is a location called Oridy’s Rise. This location is a sealed off tower that tasks players with finding three creatures. These three creatures can be a bit of pain to find, so this Elden Ring Oridy’s Rise guide will help you find them all.

Where to Find Oridy’s Rise

Image showing the Oridy's Rise location on the map in Elden Ring.

Oridy’s Rise is a named location in the Weeping Peninsula. The mysterious tower is located on the east side of the area to the south of the Beside the Crater-Pocked Glade Site of Grace. When you approach this tower it is locked and there is a statue nearby you can interact with. This statue gives you a clue.

Where to Find the 3 Wise Beasts

To unseal the tower you need to seek the 3 wise beasts. Not much else about the beasts is included. Thankfully the beasts are relatively easy to find. You need to find and defeat 3 ethereal turtles that appear in three different locations:

  1. On the left of stairs leading into the tower in some bushes.
  2. Along the path leading to the tower.
  3. In the pond southwest of the tower.

In the first two spots the turtle will appear and is easy to see. The last spot, the pond, you have to walk to the center of it and attack. When you do this the turtle will appear. The video above by 100% Guides shows the locations of all three beasts. Note you do need to defeat them to open the door.

When you defeat all three of the wise beasts the seal into the tower breaks. This allows you to enter. Inside the tower there is a ladder you must climb. Climb the ladder and go to the top of the tower to find a treasure chest containing the Memory Stone. This Talisman increases memory slots.

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