What is That? Edmund Mcmillen Drops The End is Nigh! Trailer

In some somewhat surprising new (not really if you follow @edmundmcmillen), Edmund Mcmillen has revealed his next upcoming game. If you don’t know who Edmund Mcmillen is, he is the brains behind indie smash hits Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. The next game Edmund is realising is called The End is Nigh!. Alongside the announcement, Edmund dropped The End is Nigh! trailer on his twitter.

Not a whole lot is shown off in the teaser trailer, but you can obviously see that The End is Nigh! will be similar to Super Meat Boy. From the look of the trailer and the little gameplay we do see, The End is Nigh! appears to be another precision platformer, only this time the game features co-design from designer Tyler Glaiel. Glaiel has previously created game’s like Bombernauts and Closure. It will be interesting to see how the co – design goes.

The End is Nigh! Trailer

Like other games Edmund has made in the past, The End is Nigh! will play around with some seriously heavy topics with the main theme of the game appearing to be death. The game’s Steam page states:

If you are reading this you are probably dead…

Just kidding, you aren’t dead… YET!
See, in the future, everything dies… for the most part.
and this is a game about just that.

The End Is Nigh! (Source)

Exactly how death plays into the game remains to be seen, but given how much you died in Meatboy, I can only assume you will die a lot here. As we get closer to The End is Nigh!’s July 12th release date, I assume we will learn a bit more about how everything works.

While I am glad to see Edmund making a new game, I’m somewhat bummed that he is diving back into a genre he already worked in. This is especially disappointing as I recall Mew-Genics being announced and then cancelled last year.

What did you think of The End is Nigh! trailer? Let me know in the Pit below.


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