Easy Rune Farm in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring players use a special currency called Runes. This currency is used to purchase items, buy weapons and armor, and level up your characters different stats. There are many ways to acquire runes, with some being a lot easier than others. An easy Rune farm in Elden Ring is currently making the rounds on the internet and I thought I would share it with you all.

NOTE: This could be patched at anytime.

How to Get Runes Fast

To do this farm you need to make your way to the location called Lenne’s Rise on the eastside Caelid. The map marker above shows where you need to be. Once you are at the location the farm itself is very easy. From the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace head along the path to the west. As you ride almost under the bridge a large ball is summoned. Turn right and ride along the cliff edge so the ball rolls off it. Each time you do this you earn 1952 Runes.

After you’ve done a run simply teleport back to the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace. Do the run again. Repeat as much as you wish to stack as many Runes as you can. This makes it possible to quickly level-up, stack Runes for big purchases, or earn quick currency to buy items.

Thoughts on our easy Rune farm in Elden Ring guide? What Rune farm are you using right now? Let me know your go to Rune acquiring method in the comments below.


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