Dying Light Low Gravity Event Guide

Dying Light is currently hosting a special community event that features Low Gravity. This event is called the Dying Light Low Gravity Event and taking part in it will earn you a variety of rewards. For help completing the event see our Low Gravity event guide below for all you need to know about this event.

Kill Enemies Affected by Low Gravity

Image showing the event completion screen for the Low Gravity community event in Dying Light.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

While the Low Gravity event is active in Dying Light you will notice a few things. First the gravity is lower. This means you can jump higher and enemies also fly further. Second enemies are more aggressive. They will attack pretty much on sight when you are running around the map.

During the event there is a task you need to complete. The task is to kill enemies that are effected by the low gravity. The quests you can complete and their rewards are:

  • Like Feathers in Space: Kill 100 enemies effected by low gravity. Reward is the V-27 Shifter.
  • Invasion (Community): Global Kills of 10 million. Reward is the Dying Light Bonus Docket – King.

Completing the above mentioned quests is fairly simple. Every enemy you kill while the event is active counts towards your completion. I recommend using explosives and noisemakers to complete this task quickly. The community challenge is completed.

Once you complete the quest you will receive the rewards mentioned above. The rewards are located inside the player’s stash in Safe Zones or at The Tower.

How to Turn off Low Gravity

If you don’t want Low Gravity on you can turn it off by opting out of Community Event Participation. This is done via Main Menu > Options > Online > Community Event Participation. Toggling this option will turn off the Low Gravity event in your game, reverting it back to its normal state.

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