Dying Light 2 Reviews Rundown

Techland’s zombie-infested open-world title, Dying Light 2, has been reviewed by the media. These reviews are unsurprisingly all over the place. Some outlets liked the sequel to the 2015 title while others were not as favorable. Check out how the title was reviewed in HTR’s Dying Light 2 reviews rundown below.

Review Scores for Dying Light 2

Image showing a screenshot from Dying Light 2.
Image via Techland.

Ahead of its release members of the press got early access to Dying Light 2. The reviews were released on Wednesday, ahead of the game’s Friday launch. Most of the major media outlets reviewed the game and much of the reviews differed on what they critics thought of it.

The reviews above show a wide range of likes and dislikes for the Techland’s zombie game. Much of the game’s praise came from exploration, parkour, and combat. Much of the dislike came from the game’s bland story and collection of severe bugs.

Regardless of the review scores above let me know what you think of Dying Light 2. Will you be getting this title? Sound off in the comments below.


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