Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance reviews roundup

A new Dungeons & Dragons themed dungeon crawler, Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance, is about to hit the market and a number of reviews are out now for the title. If you are considering picking up this game and want to know what people are thinking about it this post is for you. See our Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance reviews roundup below for details.

Released on June 22, Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance is an action role-playing title for PC, PS4+5, and Xbox One+Series X/S. This title is from Tuque Games who owned by Wizards of the Coast (as of October 2019). As a Dungeons Dragons IP based game the title title is set in the Ice Wind Dale and features characters from The Legend of Drizzt. The game has both multiplayer and singleplayer support.

Outlets that reviewed this title early seemed fairly mixed (trending towards negative) on what they thought of it. IGN was especially harsh viewing the game as largely a slog to play. On the flipside PC Gamer viewed the title most favorably, saying it was a fun rpg experience. For a full look at what outlets are saying the reviews are linked below.

Overall the metacritic for this game from the critics perspective is hovering around a 63. The game is not yet out so the consumer sentiment is not currently available.

What do you think of the Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance reviews? Are you playing the game? Let me know in the comments below.


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