Donald Trump is Now a Twitch Streamer

NBA Players, NFL Players, Singers, Actors, and now a President of the United States? Twitch, no stranger to hosting celebrities of all types on their platform is now getting one of the biggest celebrities of all, Donald Trump. That’s right the famous Amazon owned live streaming platform now counts the 45th President of the United States as one of its streamers. President Donald Trump is now a Twitch streamer… sort of.

Image showing the first Donald Trump Twitch stream.

With the election runup in full force Donald Trump has followed in the footsteps of Democrats Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang by creating his own account on Twitch. As of the time of writing Donald Trump’s Twitch account boasts 18,900 followers on the platform. This number falls well short of Trump’s 65+ million Twitter followers, but I expect his Twitch follower’s to climb rather quickly.

For many seeing Trump on Twitch may seem a bit odd, but the platforms sheer size makes the move more logical. As it stands Twitch attracts an estimated 15+ million visitors per day. This daily traffic places Twitch as the 37th most visited website on the web as a whole. With a reach 15+ million people per day the move makes sense. Donald Trump and other Presidential candidates are tapping into a popular streaming platform which skews towards younger demographics.

The only content Trump has produced on his Twitch account so far is a livestream of his Minnesota rally. This type of content is likely all you will see from the Donald Trump Twitch account. Which is sad given Twitch’s gaming focus. As an avid Twitch viewer I would love to see Donald Trump take on the new Destiny 2: Shadowkeep raid.

Thoughts on the fact Donald Trump is now a Twitch Streamer? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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