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A new feature in NBA 2K17 is the Doin’ work meter in MyCareer. Basically, during ‘ free time ‘, players can spend their time practicing. This is not new, but now players will be reward by doing activities and filling up the Doin’ Work meter. Each time you fill the bar, it is then added to an Attribute Upgrade bar. Once the Attribute upgrade bar is full, you can earn new attribute upgrades. Think about it as 2K not wanting you to pull an Iverson. So what type of activities can you do? Let me show you.


To access drills, players must have completed College and made it to the NBA. Once there, use your off day to go th the the open practice facility and start drills. There are a bunch of drills you can do to fill the bar. The drills range from on the court to off the court activities. On the court activities range from 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and various shooting drills.

Off the court we have weight room activities. Activities here range from the bench press, squats, speed work, box jumps and vertical test. Each drill will rank your performance either bronze, silver or gold. The better you perform the more experience that fills the Doin’ Work meter. There is not really a right or wrong way to do these activities, however if you want to speed through these moments there is a ‘ bug? ‘ that can speed things up exponentially. More on that in the next section.

Feeling like Iverson

If for some reason you feel like practicing is beneath you, there is a way floating around on the interwebs to speed the process along. Basically all that is required is to go into the gym, go to the weight room and choose the box jump. Unlike most athletes, you will actively choose to fail. This fills the Doin’ Work meter about a quarter full and takes only a few seconds. Repeat until the meter is full and then take your entourage out to Chilli’s with all your new found spare time.

I am not really sure if this exploit is as 2K intended, but until it gets patched, exploit away. If you want more help, check out our NBA 2K17 stuff here.

Any faster ways to fill the Doin’ Work meter? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. Quel says:

    When I go into the weight room sometimes it doesn’t let me click on anything

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    The vertical jump is stupid easy. Only have to do it twice

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    Thanks always looking for that 2k17 info

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