The Division: What to Expect from 1.2

For a more up to date listing of what is now called the “Conflict” update go here

Last Thursday, Massive delivered their usual State of The Game show and shed some light on what to expect from the upcoming 1.2 SUPER, MEGA, SERVER SIDE PATCH for the Division. The following article will run down the list of what can be expected for the new patch. It is important to note that the patch has no release date as of yet, but with it being the 9th already, I would assume it will be coming near the end of the month. This patch is especially important to the game as it needs to address many of the shortcomings/bugs of 1.1, while also delivering a new and balanced Incursion mission.

1.2 Additions:

  • New Dark Zone bracket for players Gear Score 200+.
  • The higher bracket DZ will feature tougher enemies and better loot. Apparently this will be the bracket to farm for 204 + 240 items.
  • In the 200+ bracket, players will face 32 – 34 enemies.
  • Division tech will only be High End within the 200+ bracket (Not sue what that means).
  • After the introduction of the new bracket there will then be three brackets of DZ  -160/+160/+200.
  • New Dark Zone activities.
  • The PvE map will be getting some new activities.
  • Basically how they handled loot in 1.1 was poor
  • 1.2 will bring better quantity and quality drops
  • More weapon drops
  • Less mod drops
  • All activities (DZ, Incursion, Hard/Challenging) will have better drops.

1.2 Fixes:

  • There will be a new daily mission system as the current one is basically borked.
  • Patch 1.2 is undergoing vigorous testing to avoid the same problems as 1.1
  • They will be fixing Reckless, One is None, Mission doors bug and base of operations bug
  • For all the fans of Balanced, that is getting re-tooled to work as intended.

As I mentioned in this post here, the Division is definitely facing an uphill battle with all the issues in game. With that being said, Massive appears to be taking a better approach to the next content update which is nice to see. I do feel that 1.2 will be busted upon release, and this is not from lack of trying by Massive, but rather that the game is notorious now for being so easily bustable and people will try to do just that.


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