The Division: All ‘Collectibles’ Jackets

The Division, like other Ubisoft(Massive) games, comes littered with collectibles in the open world. Collectibles are broken down into six categories: Echos, Phones, Drones, Files/Reports, Missing Agents and Survival Guides. Being bored, I decided to undertake the endeavor of snagging all these items hoping for a nice reward for my efforts. Unfortunately the jackets you receive are pretty lackluster. Ubisoft could have taken this opportunity to really spice the apparel up.  Anyways check them out below.

1.Echos – Rose Jacket

Division Jackets

I am a pretty princess

Probably my favorite of the bunch. This jacket at least comes in a color that is semi-unique. This is my go to now and I have been rocking this with pink gun skins.

2. Phones – Shoreline Jacket

Division Jackets

Green AND blue

Ubisoft seems to like giving players green jackets. If you expect a player to collect 130 items to unlock something, please make it look better then this garbage.

3.Drones – Frost Jacket

Division Jackets

This one looks okay

Blue and black is okay looking, but seems like a pretty plain looking jacket. This one is relatively easy to get.

4. Files – Highland Jacket

Division Jackets

2 and 4 are not the same…

I like the old school vibe. Seriously overusing green though. Ubisoft should’ve looked at the color spectrum a little bit closer.

5. Missing Agents – Sierra Jacket

Division Jackets

Oh wow thanks for this

At least this one looks different. Again not really anything special.

6. Survival Guide – Meadow Jacket

Division Jackets

Apparently they ran out of budget for anything that is not green

Again just more green. Thanks Division.

Completing all of these fetch quests was incredibly unrewarding.  Jackets are fine, but none of these are really that unique or must have. I would’ve like to see Ubisoft get a little bit silly and really reward players for going out of their way to do this. Now you know what to expect after completing all of Ubisoft’s scavenger hunt… Jackets.

 TFW you get 6 Jackets for all your work

Division Jackets


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  1. Thoko says:

    I’m a fan of the Sierra jacket

  2. FilmApe says:

    How many hours do you have on this now?

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