The Division: 1.2 Results

It has been a few weeks since Conflict dropped on The Division, and some interesting results on the impact of  update 1.2 have been revealed. Before diving in, it is important to mention that the June 2nd patch failed to work properly and was essentially pushed back, so many of the bugs and glitches it would address are still prevalent. Due to this, Challenge mode on Clear Sky will also be pushed back. With that out of the way, let’s look at update 1.2 results.

Open World

  • There has been visible improvement in PvE world usage
  • High Value Targets are especially successful in getting players out into New York
  • Apparently players are spending twice the amount of time in the PvE world compared to 1.1

Drops are Beating Crafting

  • This has been a long time coming, but seems to be working
  • Statistically the percentage of equipped items which have been looted and not crafted has risen
  • Massive believes they have successfully met the goal of shifting from crafting to loot based system

Weapon Balancing Still Being Sorted

  • Still a very controversial issue in The Division
  • The introduction of new gear sets has pushed players towards other weapons (shotgun), but LMG is still trash
  • Massive is still gathering data

Gear Set Drops

Gear sets can be found anywhere, but there are a few areas to focus for specific items:

  • Incursion Clear Sky has Predators Mark / Hunter’s Faith
  • Dark Zone named enemies drop Final Measure
  • High Value Targets drop Lone Star.
  • Supply Drop / Sealed Cache can drop all 8 gear sets

Cutting The Rope Being Used

  • 7% of all Extractions since 1.2 have been Hijacked. 3% were successful and from these 3%, 20% of the Rogues were killed before they could pick up the loot.

It is nice seeing much of the pains of The Division being addressed. The loot shift and PvE tweaks are a welcome change that will breath new life into the game. Massive is looking at areas to make improvements for 1.3. As always, community feedback is vital for the process.


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