The Division Armor Sets + High Ends Coming Soon

On April 8th, Massive shared with players a few of the new items and armor sets to expect in the Division’s coming 1.1 ‘mega’ patch. The patch will introduce a new mission, gear scores, some balance and QOL improvements, but most importantly new loot.

The Division Armor

There are four unique armor sets for players to collect in the upcoming patch: Striker’s Battlegear, Path of the Nomad, Tactician’s Authority and Sentry’s Call. Each set consists of bonus stats for wearing certain amounts of set pieces(2,3,4). Below is a breakdown of what each set does.

Strikers Battlegear

  • Set Bonus (2 pieces): +20% Enemy Armor Damage
  • Set Bonus (3 pieces): +100% Critical Hit Damage
  • Set Bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Shooter (every consecutive hit deals 1% more enemy damage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drops bonus by 2% Bonus is reduced by 1% every second.

Path of the Nomad

  • Set bonus (2 pieces): +50% scavenging.
  • Set bonus (3 pieces): +20% health on kill.
  • Set bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Nomad: When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health. Can occur once every 10 minutes.

Tactician’s Authority

  • Set bonus (2 pieces): +4000 skillpower.
  • Set bonus (3 pieces): +20% skill haste.
  • Set bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Tactician’s Authority: Every 60k damage your group deals adds 1% skillpower to you for a max of 100% bonus. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second the group isn’t dealing damage.

Sentry’s Call

  • Set bonus (2 pieces): +30% headshot damage.
  • Set bonus (3 pieces): +20% damage to elites.
  • Set bonus (4 pieces): Talent: Stalker: Headshots mark the enemy, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 15% for duration of 10 seconds each. A target can receive up to three marks.

So this is the rundown of what to expect from the new armor sets. It remains to be seen how the new armor fits within the ‘meta’. Unfortunately with two sets being complimentary towards basically smg/sniper inherent bonuses, it feels like that will continue to be the dominant build for the foreseeable future. It is also unfortunate that Massive failed to really provide any ‘tank’ focused sets, but again this remains to be seen how this will play out.

Armor wasn’t the only thing announced, as a couple of new ‘legendary’ guns will also be released in the new patch.

  • Warlord: Assault rifle
  • Valkyria: Submachine gun
  • Historian: Marksman rifle (Not acquirable until 1.2)

So there you have it. More new stuff is coming to fill your Division needs. I am excited to finally get a new mission to run over and over again with potential for new and different drops.

Eli McLean

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