Disc Room Release Date Revealed in Death-Filled New Trailer

Developers Jan Willem Nijman & Kitty Calis (Minit), Terri Vellmann, and Doseone (SLUDGE LIFE) have teamed up to create a new puzzle-survival game called Disc Room. This new project is being published by Devolver Digital and is slated to release on October 22 for both the Nintendo Switch and PC. News of the Disc Room release date came thanks to a new trailer that was released on the Devolver Digital YouTube channel.

Disc Room Trailer Featuring A Lot of Discs

As the Disc Room trailer points out players control a brave scientist in 2089 who is exploring the strange of appearance of a large disc that is orbiting Jupiter. In typical scientist fashion the protagonist ventures inside the strange disc to find rooms full wildly spinning discs. These individual rooms serve as survival puzzles players must complete within the intergalactic-slaughterhouse. One false move within a room often results in the gory death of the scientist who respawns back in to try again.

Besides simply surviving the disc rooms players can uncover what the developers claim to be numerous secrets aboard the disc. These secrets will help you learn more about the mysterious disc and the strange death trap rooms inside. Alongside the secrets the game promises a number of other additions like leaderboards and skills. Leaderboards will track how you performed in a room compared to other players while skills will make room survival easier through things like clones, a dash ability, and more.

Disc Room will release on October 22 on both PC and Nintendo Switch. You can check out the Disc Room Steam page that is currently active for more information on the game. The Nintendo page for this title is currently not active, but this page will be updated when it is.

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