Digging Up the Past – Watch Dogs Legion

Once you’ve completed the Reporting For Duty main mission in Watch Dogs Legion you will unlock the next story mission called Digging Up the Past. In this story mission you need to head to the site of a blast. This blast site holds clues to what exactly happened on Zero Day. To help you navigate this mission check out our guide below.

Find the Signal Source of the TOAN Attack Site

Image showing where to find the signal source at TOAN Attack Site.

Note: To make life easier use your construction worker to gain access to the TOAN Attack Site. This operative benefits from the Uniformed perk which makes you harder to detect while in constructions sites. Still keep a wide berth from enemies though.

Once you are ready make your way to the TOAN Attack Site. Head inside the construction area and make your way into the crater in the center of it. In this crater there is a shipping container. Next to the container you will find a Relic. Grab the Relic to learn the signal source.

Access 3 Surveillance Data and Analyse AR Reconstruction

After you’ve found the relic you need to access three pieces of Surveillance Data in the TOAN Attack Site. These pieces are scattered throughout the area and are marked on your mini-map. Use the mini-map to find all three. Interact with them to collect them.

With all three pieces in hand head back to the shipping container you found the Relic at and trigger the AR reconstruction. Analyse the group of people then analyse the vent above them. Send either a drone or spiderbot into the vent to find a section with more AR reconstruction. Analyse the van then leave the area.

Search For Evidence At New Scotland Yard

Inside the New Scotland Yard there is a a broken Spiderbot you need to find. This Spiderbot is being worked on by a scientist on the second floor in the southwest corner of the building. Note before doing anything open all of the cases and vents in the room attached to the broken Spiderbot room so you can escape as the Spiderbot. Once that is done go to the adjacent room and take control of the camera then hijack the broken Spiderbot. Once hijacked you need to make your way along the path you created leading to a number of vents until you reach the room your operative is in. When you are in the same room as your operative pick up the Relic – Broken Spiderbot and exit the station.

Investigate the Ground Station

Once you are done at the police station head to Lambeth Bridge. Go underneath the bridge via the ladders and destroy the circuit so you can enter the caged off area. Interact with the server in this room to trigger a livestream sequence. During this livestream interact with the tablet and computer when prompted. After the livestream leave the area to complete this mission and the end of the DedSec storyline.

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