Detective Pikachu Guide: Solve the Mystery of the Black Shadow Case

After solving the “Look for the vial” case on day one of your work at PCL, you will head home for the day. The next day you will return to PCL and be prompted to take part in the television event that is being held in the courtyard. This triggers the next case called “solve the mystery of the black shadow.”

Second Day: Who Used the Vial?

  1. Head inside PCL and make your way to the Courtyard to help setup for the TV shoot.
  2. Talk to Emilia to start the shoot. During this cutscene, Trevenant will go into a frenzy.
  3. Wallace will get angry with you about the whole event and tell you to leave, luckily Emilia and Meiko will stick up for you. The girls suggest looking at the film.
  4.  In the video there is a black shadow that appears near the Trevenant’s food. We need to find this Pokemon!
  5. After the cutscene you will trigger the memo, “Solve the mystery of the black shadow.”

Case: Solve the mystery of the Black Shadow

Who is the mysterious Pokemon?

  1. Collect Testimonies from People and Pokemon.
    • Speak to Nina (Courtyard) to unlock the Ghost Story testimony.
    • Talk to the Director (Courtyard) to learn the ghost stories are located inside her office.
    • Speak to Fennekin (Courtyard) to get the Mysterious Ghost testimony.
    • Talk to Phantump (Courtyard) to get the A Feeling that Someone’s Behind You testimony.
    • Speak to Shuckle (Courtyard) to get the Food Theft testimony.
    • Talk to Klefki (Building B) to get the Laughter in the Night testimony.
    • Speak with Duosion (Building B) to get the Cold Room testimony.
    • Speak with Calos (Building B) to get the Ghost-stories report no.3.
    • Talk to Fridge (Building A) to get the Ghost-stories report no.2.
  2. Head to the Director’s office.
    • Talk to Minccino about the Pokemon to unlock the clock testimony.
    • Speak with the Director about the ghost stories to get Ghost-stories report no. 1
  3. Talk with Rita in the Lobby.
    • Ask her about the surveillance cameras.
    • Follow her conversation change until you eventually get the New Laboratory testimony.
  4. Head back to the Director’s office.
    • Ask about the old facility.
    • You will get the Old materials testimony.
  5. Head to the Library
    • Interact with the shelf second from the left.
    • Read the The found members of PCL to get the Pokemon that were here a long time ago testimony.
    • Interact with the Thermostat in the Library to get prompted to solve the case.
    • After solving the memo, you should be prompted to make Gengar appear by selecting use a flashlight.
    • This will trigger the How can we catch gengar memo

How can we Catch Gengar?

  1. Talk to the Director about Gengar this will get you the Catching Pokemon testimony
  2. Head to the storeroom (Building B)
  3. Pick up the Catching Equipment on the table.
  4. This solves the memo.
  5. Head to the meeting room to complete the case.
  6. Will trigger the Find the real Culprit case next.

More: Detective Pikachu guide to Find the real Culprit.

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