Detective Pikachu Guide: Look For the Vial Case

After escaping from the cave in chapter 2, you will return to the Baker Detective Agency where you announce you’ve taken on a part-time job with a Pokemon Research Lab (called PCL). This job is all part of a larger scheme to get information on your missing father, and leads to the case “Look for the vial.”

Arriving at PCL

  1. Approach security guard and head inside PCL.
  2. Find map on far left wall above photocopier.
  3. Have a seat and wait for the director.

Look For the Vial

  1. Follow Fridge through left door of lobby.
  2. Meet Fridge by his Laboratory.
  3. Help Wallace with his problem. To do this, access the whiteboard in the meeting room (far north room) to get the passcode to the courtyard. Interacting with the whiteboard triggers the “What’s the passcode” memo (see below).
  4. Open door with passcode and make your way through the courtyard and into building B.
  5. Inside building B, talk to Klefki. Klefki wants juice from Shuckles (remember this).
  6. Walk down to the far door and go inside. This is Wallace’s lab. Head inside and you will meet him.
  7. Leave Wallace’s and head to the lab in the middle of the hallway. This is Carlos’s.
  8. After you’ve met everyone. Pikachu will tell you to head to the Courtyard.
  9. In the courtyard, walk towards the Shuckles to trigger an event. After the event, talk to Nina to start the “How can we complete the experiment?” memo (see below).
  10. When complete the experiment, the Director and Emilia will appear.
  11. This will allow us to access both the storage room and director’s room now.
  12. To access the storage room, get some juice from Shuckles and bring it to Klefki who will let you into the storage room (the vial is on the far right side of the room). The mission ends here.

What’s the Passcode?

  1. Consult the whiteboard in the meeting room. Beside the problem there is a note that says, “Check the plants.”
  2. Head to the Library and access the left-most plant. You will find a note detailing the passcode.
  3. Input the following Pokemon:  Rotom ,Garbodor, Trevenant, and Fennekin.
  4. Once you’ve done the above, you will learn that Wallace’s passcode is Triangle, Star, Diamond, Square. Head to the courtyard door (second on right in hallway). Input code and head inside.

How can we complete the experiment?

  1. Talk with Nina to learn about the experiment. Basically what we need to do is find two berries and a liquid to mix into an Orange color drink.
  2. To get the berries, shake the tree inside the courtyard. You want Red and Yellow berries.
  3. For the liquid, head to Wallace’s lab and ask him to give you some solution.
  4. Return to Nina with the ingredients and select Nina’s experiment.
  5. Mix the Red and Yellow berries with the solution.

Upon discovery of the vial, we learn that there is a match between the one Pikachu found in the cave and the one a PCL. The next case in the investigation involves determining who is the one that has been using the vial. This case triggers on the second day of the job.

Next Case: Detective Pikachu Solve the Mystery of the Black Shadow.

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