Detective Pikachu Guide: Figure Out Where Aipom Went Case

Detective Pikachu is out for 3DS/2DS and the new Pokemon title is a bit of a departure from other games in the series. In this Pokemon game, players take on the roles of Detective Pikachu and Tim Goodman, who form an unlikely bond over Tim’s ability to understand Detective Pikachu. This unlikely duo joins together in an attempt to solve various crimes around Ryme City. To help you in your detective work, I’ve thrown together a Detective Pikachu Guide. Below you we will solve the first case, “Figure out where Aipom went.”

Detective Pikachu Beginning

Detective Pikachu Guide - Tim and Detective Pikachu meet up

Tim and Detective Pikachu make an unlikely duo.

When you start Detective Pikachu, you will watch a brief cutscene featuring Detective Pikachu. In it Detective Pikachu learns he can talk, but quickly comes to the realization that no one understands him. We then get a shot of Tim Goodman, a human who has come to Rime City in order to learn more about his Dad’s mysterious disappearance. These unlikely characters meet and we learn that Tim can understand Detective Pikachu. While this is happening, a couple of Aipom steal a necklace from a girl. Looks like the duo will have to get it back.

Stolen Necklace

After the cutscene is over, you will take control of Tim. Tim can be moved by using the left control stick. There isn’t much you can do at the beginning of this mission besides run to the right, so do that. If you want to talk to people you pass, simply press a to do so. Most of the NPCs have little to say, but offer a bit of background as to what is happening.

Continue walking to the right and eventually you will trigger a QTE. There are three events that occur during this QTE:

  1. Throw Hot Dog – Press A
  2. Roll Hot Dog Cart at you – Mash A
  3. Pull up Detective Pikachu – Mash A

Once you’ve completed the QTE, the Aipom will run away and you will be put on a new part of the street. In this section of the street, we will learn about investigating and building a case. Case building comes in three parts, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and deduction. Let’s start with interviewing witnesses in the area.

Witness Interviews:

Detective Pikachu Guide - Talk to the witnesses in the area to learn where Aipom went

In the first case area, you want to talk to the witnesses to learn what happened.

There are a total of six witnesses we can speak to in this area. Not all witnesses yield particularly useful information, so I’ve bracketed the ones that do. Each bracket is broken down into its corresponding case list section.


  • Ask about the Necklace = “Please Do. It seems very precious.”
  • Ask about the Aipom = “Not exactly, but I’m not sure what the deal is with all these recent Pokemon incidents we’ve been having.”


  • Ask about the Necklace = “Sure! It was blue and sparkly, and I wore it every day. My mom gave that necklace to me.” (Evidence Information)
  • Ask about the Aipom = “No, I’m ok.”

Furfrou Woman

  • Ask about the Aipom = “Someone messed with Furfrou, and its fur went back to looking mussed.”
  • About the Ketchup (After examining Ketchup Tail Print) = “Now that you mention it, one of the Aipom had a red tail. That was Ketchup, huh? Then I’m glad it didn’t get any on Furfrou.”

Man in Hat (Testimony)

  • Ask about the Aipom = “Yeah, they suddenly fell from the roof, so I was surprised. One of them ran down this road, deep into the park. Some others came by, too, but they ran all over the place, so I don’t know.”
  • About the Ketchup (After examining Ketchup Tail Print) = “Yeah, the Aipom was really making a racket! It also smacked its tail against the table. It flipped it over in one hit.”

Woman beside white tail print (Testimony)

  • Ask about the Aipom = “Yeah, one flew right over my head. Who are you talking to? That way. In the direction of the bank.”
  • About the paint traces = “Yeah, it seems like it wanted to drip the pain from its tail.

Furfrou (Pokemon)

  • Ask about the Aipom = Translation: its partner insists on feeding it Berries it doesn’t like. Apparently the Berries are nutritious, so she feeds them to it once a week. It said that today is the day that happens. It doesn’t know anything about the Aipom.

Diggersby (Pokemon/Testimony)

  • Ask about the Aipom = Translation: There were tons of Aipom running away.
  • About the Ketchup (After examining Ketchup Tail Print) = Sounds like the red-tailed Aipom was the one with the necklace.

That’s all for witness interviews. While we’ve gathered some valuable information (one Aipom ran to the Park; others ran to the Bank), we still don’t know which direction the Aipom that stole the necklace ran. We will need to look around for evidence at the scene.


Detective Pikachu Guide - White tail print

The white tail print is one of two clues in this area that will help you find where Aipom went.

If you think back to the QTE with the Aipom, you will remember them playing with the condiments. One Aipom used Ketchup, while the other used Mayo. This means there are multiple prints around the crime scene. Let’s examine them!

  • Paint Tail Print on Shutter (Right Side of level): A white mark shaped like Aipom’s tail. We found it on the path that leads to the bank. Filed under Evidence.
  • Ketchup Tail Print on Electrical Box (Opposite Furfrou): A red mark in the shape of Aipom’s tail. We found in on the path leading to the park. Filed under Evidence.


Detective Pikachu Guide - Deduction complete for figuring out where Aipom went

Completing the deduction portion of this case will take you to the next section found in the Park.

After you’ve collected all the evidence above, it is time to start deducing. To do this, we are going to use the Case Notes. The Case Notes for this case is titled “Figured out where the Aipom went!” This is exactly what we are going to do.

Using the evidence we’ve collected, we can determine where the Aipom went. To do this, we need to add the evidence and testimony to the drawing of the scene of the crime. The end result will look like the picture above. We have deduced that the Aipom ran into the Park with the necklace.

The next portion of the guide will help you “find the necklace.”

Next Case: Detective Pikachu find the necklace case

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