Destiny 2 Xur Location & Inventory for September 23-27

Destiny 2 features a special exotic merchant called Xur. Each weekend, at 10 AM PT, Xur appears in-game on one of the game’s various planets. While available players can purchase Exotic and Legendary weapons from him. To help you find the merchant we’ve put together this page to highlight the Destiny 2 Xur location & Inventory for the weekend of September 23-27.

Where is Xur Today in Destiny 2?

This weekend, Xur can be located on the planet of Earth. Xur’s location is marked on the map with a IX banner. The planet Earth is the large planet in the middle of the Director’s menu. On the planet Earth, Xur can be found near his ship along the upper area of the cliffs to the North of the Winding Cove Landing Zone.

What is Xur Selling in Destiny 2 Today?

If you wish to purchase anything from Xur you need to ensure you have Legendary Shards and Glimmer available. If you do he has a variety of items you can purchase each week ranging from Exotic weapons and armor sets to legendary weapons. Xur’s complete inventory for the weekend can be found in the tables below.

Xur Exotic Gear

Image showing the Exotic Gear for sale at Destiny 2 Xur September 23-27.
Item TypeItemPrice
Engram.Exotic Engram.97 Legendary Shards.
Hunter Chest Armor.Raiden Flux.23 Legendary Shards.
Titan Gauntlets.Aeon Safe. 23 Legendary Shards.
Warlock Leg Armor.Lunafaction Boots.23 Legendary Shards.
Pulse Rifle.Vigilance Wing.29 Legendary Shards.
Scout Rifle.Dead Man’s Tale.125k Glimmer.
200 Legendary Shards.
1 Exotic Cipher.
1 Ascendant Shard.
Hand Cannon.Hawkmoon.125k Glimmer.
200 Legendary Shards.
1 Exotic Cipher.
1 Ascendant Shard.

Xur Legendary Weapons

Image showing the Destiny 2 Xur Legendary Weapons for September 23-27.
Item TypeItemPrice
Submachine Gun.Seventh Seraph VY-750 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Submachine Gun. Ikelos_SMG_V1.0.2.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Submachine Gun. Friction Fire.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Shotgun. Seventh Seraph CQC-12.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Shotgun.Fractethyst.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Rocket Launcher. Code Duello.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Auto Rifle. Gnawing Hunger. 50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.

Xur Legendary Armor Set

Image showing the Destiny 2 Legendary Armor sets at Xur for September 23-27.
Item TypeArmor SetPrice
Gauntlets.Simulator.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Chest Armor.Simulator.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Class Item.Simulator.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Helmet.Simulator.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.
Leg Armor.Simulator.50 LS + 1,000 Glimmer.

Xur Consumables, Invitations & Engrams (when available)

Xur also sells a few consumables, invitations, and engrams for purchase using Legendary Shards. The consumables, invitations, and engrams currently for sale are listed below.

  • Five of Swords – Free
  • The World – 9 Shards.
  • Exotic Engram – 97 Shards (Purchasable Once Per Week). Features one Exotic item.

Purchasing any of these Exotic items can be a good way to immediately boost your Power Level, while also adding items with interesting bonuses to your inventory.

I will be adding a new page to the site every weekend with Xur’s new location. Be sure to comeback and check it out if you found it helpful to you. Thanks for reading. Good luck.

Thoughts on our Destiny 2 Xur Location & Inventory for September 23-27 guide? Drop a comment down below.


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