Destiny 2 Xur Guide – Where To Find Xur And What is He Selling? February 21

Destiny 2 endgame is all about loot. You want to find as much loot as possible in order to increase your Power Level to take on Destiny 2‘s most difficult content. One way of collecting loot is by purchasing higher Power Level items. The most highly sought after items are the game’s Exotic items. These items may be acquired by completing various events, or can be purchased from the vendor named Xur. In this Destiny 2 Xur guide, we will be shining a light on where to find Xur and lay out what he has for sale.

Who is Xur?

Destiny 2 Xur Guide

Xur is an extremely elusive, endgame merchant who specializes in selling Exotic items. Unlike other vendors in Destiny 2, Xur only appears during weekends, and changes his location each time. In this guide, you will be able to find out where Xur is located every weekend.

Note: With the new update for Forsaken has come a change to Xur. Xur will no longer appear on the map and will now be needed to be found.

Note: Xur is getting a bit of an upgrade on December 12 in the form of offerings like the Fated Engrams, and Three of Coins. If you don’t see anything you like from Xur over the next couple of weeks, SAVE YOUR LEGENDARY SHARDS to spend when the update hits (December 12).

Other Note: The spawn time for Xur has been changed. Originally Xur would appear at the degenerate hour of 1:00 AM PST (click for local time) on Friday morning. Now Xur won’t appear until 9:00 AM PST (click for local time) on Friday. This change means you can actually go to bed at a decent hour.

Xur Location February 21 – February 28 (EDZ)

Image showing the location of Xur on February 21.

This weekend, Xur can be located on the planet of Earth. Xur’s location is marked on the map with a IX banner. The planet Earth is the large planet in the middle of the Director’s menu. On the planet Earth, Xur can be found near his ship along the upper area of the cliffs to the North of the Winding Cove Landing Zone.

Armor Xur is Selling this Week? (23 Legendary Shards)

Xur sells one piece of Exotic armor for each of the three classes. These armor pieces sell for 23 Legendary Shards a piece. Each armor piece comes with an armor perk that adds bonuses to your Guardian. Check out the armor pieces available for the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan below.

Xur Hunter Armor Piece

Image showing the Raiden Flux Exotic Chest Armor in Destiny 2.

The Hunter armor available for purchase from Xur this weekend is Raiden Flux. This Exotic Chest Armor has the following Armor Perks:

  • Synapse Junctions: Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage output and duration.

Xur Warlock Armor Piece

Image showing the Crown of Tempests Exotic Helmet in Destiny 2.

The Warlock armor available for purchase from Xur this weekend is the Crown of Tempests. This Exotic Helmet has the following Armor Perks:

  • Conduction Tines: Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate of your Arc abilities and extend the duration of Stormtrance.

Xur Titan Armor Piece

Image showing the Mask of the Quiet One in Destiny 2.

The Titan armor available for purchase from Xur this weekend is the Mask of the Quiet One. This Exotic Helmet has the following Armor Perks:

  • Dreaded Visage: Grants ability energy when you’re damaged. When critically wounded, regain maximum health on kills.

Alongside these three armor pieces is an Exotic weapon you can purchase. There is only one weapon for sale at Xur’s. See what weapon is for sale below.

Weapon Xur is Selling this Week? (29 Legendary Shards)

Image showing the Exotic Grenade Launcher The Colony.

This weekend Xur is selling the Colony Exotic Grenade Launcher for 29 Legendary Shards. This Exotic weapon features the following perks:

  • Intrinsic: Insectoid Robot Grenades – This weapon’s grenades are insectoid robots that chase targets and explode close to them.
  • Barrel: Linear Compensator – slightly increases projectile speed, blast radius, and stability.
  • Magazine: High-Velocity Rounds – Increases projectile speed and reload speed.
  • Trait: Serve The Colony – Insectoid robot grenades quickly repopulate the magazine from reserves while the Colony is unequipped.
  • Stock: Composite Stock – Slightly increases stability and handling speed.

Consumables, Invitations & Engrams

Xur also sells a few consumables, invitations, and engrams for purchase using Legendary Shards. The consumables, invitations, and engrams currently for sale are listed below.

  • Five of Swords – Free
  • The World – 9 Shards.
  • Fated Engram – 97 Shards (Purchasable Once Per Week). Features one Exotic item.

Purchasing any of these Exotic items can be a good way to immediately boost your Power Level, while also adding items with interesting bonuses to your inventory.

Bookmark this page to be updated every weekend with Xur’s location. It will be updated every Friday when Xur resets. Thanks for reading. Good luck.

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  1. alphamachina says:

    Xur leaves Titan on the 14th. He is no longer there right now.

  2. spacefiddle says:

    Dec 6 – 10th: he is not “in a tunnel,” don’t trust the copypasta all the other sites use. From the LZ, head towards the Arcology entrance you use for Savathuun’s Song, but before going down the ramp, turn around and look behind you. He’s in the small room on your right (once you’re facing back up the stairs) through the open bulkhead.

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