Destiny 2 Timeline allows players explore the game’s story

It was a big day for Destiny 2 with a number of announcements and the start of a new season, Season of the Lost. With so many announcements and a ton of content being added to the game it can be hard to keep up. Bungie appears to have heard this problem as Season 15 introduces the new Destiny 2 Timeline system. This system allows players to explore the game’s lore.

Image showing the Destiny 2 Timeline in-game.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

With Season 15 underway now players that download the update and login to the game will see a new destination on the destinations screen. This destination is the Timeline. Interacting with the Destiny 2 Timeline allows players to navigate the current timeline of content that is in the game.

The Timeline is an interesting new system that keeps track of the game’s rather bloated storyline. On the Timeline you can navigate across the different pieces of content that have been released and read about them. It also shows you which content you own and which are missing. The in-game timeline is as follows:

  1. The Traveler Awakened.
  2. The Red War.
  3. Curse of Osiris.
  4. Warmind.
  5. Forsaken.
  6. Shadowkeep.
  7. Beyond Light.
  8. 30th Annivesary.
  9. The Witch Queen.

Both the 30th Anniversary and The Witch Queen are pieces of content that were announced in today’s Bungie livestream. These pieces of content are coming in the following months.

What do you think of the Destiny 2 Timeline system? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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