Destiny 2: Matt Helsom Tribute Guide

Bungie has added a nice tribute to Matt Helsom into the game for players to find. This tribute pays homage to Helsom who passed away at 45 due to cancer. As Helsom, a Senior Environment Artist at Vicarious Visions, designed aspects of Mars there is a nice little tribute for players to experience in-game thanks to the most recent Destiny 2 update. If you wish to find this tribute for yourself consult our Matt Helsom tribute guide below.

Where to Find the Tribute to Matt Helsom on Mars

Image showing where to find the Matt Helsom tribute in Destiny 2.

When you login to Destiny 2 after downloading the newest update you will receive a message saying that Ava has found a signal on Mars. This signal is a reference to the tribute to the late Helsom. To find the tribute head to Mars and use the Braytech Futurescape landing zone. From the spawn head through the building with Ana inside it and go to the Arurora Reach.

Image showing the Memories of Helsom tribute in Destiny 2.

In the Aurora Reach head forward until you reach the tube you need to crawl through. Crawl through the tube and take an immediate right. Here you will find a door marked 6A that is open. In this room you will find what looks to be an old office with a terminal. Interact with the terminal then head to Ana. When you speak to Ana you will receive an Exotic Cipher and will be able to read Memories of Helsom a tribute to the late designer.

That’s all you need to know to find the tribute on Mars to Matt Helsom. This sort of tribute is becoming much more common in games. RIP Matt Helsom.

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