Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Mercury Region Chest Locations

Mercury is the newest planet addition to Destiny 2 thanks to the release of the Curse of Osiris DLC this week. Like other planets in Destiny 2, there are a number of activities for players to do on the planet’s surface. These activities range from public events and adventures, to region chests. To help you complete the quests, I am putting together a number of guides. To start  you can find the Mercury region chest locations below.

Behind The Lighthouse (Chest 1)

From the Landing Zone, immediately turn around and head to behind The Lighthouse. Here you will find the first region chest being guarded by a Colossus.

The Lighthouse (Chest 2)

Inside The Lighthouse there is a chest blocked by an encrypted wall. To access the chest, you will need to bring the wall down by interacting with five books in the area. Once the five books have been interacted with, you will be able to use the encryption conflux to take down the wall. The books need to be interacted with in the order pictured above. This portion of the event is on a timer so you will need to hurry. If the timer runs out, you will need to start again.

The Gateway Chest (Chest 3)

While facing The Gateway, head to the right. Along the right side of the pyramid you should see a number of obvious ledges. Use these ledges to reach the alcove featuring the second region chest on Mercury.

Tower Left –  When Facing The Lighthouse (Chest 4)

This next chests can only be accessed during the public event on Mercury. The reason for this is because you need to access the tower on the left side (when facing The Lighthouse), but can only do so when the jump jets are active. Once you have the jump jets up and running, make your way to the tower and complete the heroic event requirements so your reach the top of the tower. On top of a broken gate you will find the region chest.

Tower Right –  When Facing The Lighthouse (Chest 5)

This last chest can also only be accessed during the public event on Mercury. Like the last chest we did, you will need to reach the top of the other tower on Mercury in order to find the last region chest. Once on top, you should see the chest just laying there in front of a broken warpgate.


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