Death Wish Trailer Drops – Bruce Willis is Looking For Revenge

The upcoming reboot of Death Wish revealed some more footage from the film earlier today. Fans of the 1974, Charles Bronson led movie series, got a chance to see more of Bruce Willis playing the lead in the release of the Death Wish trailer today. Check it out below.

Death Wish Trailer

About Death Wish

Death Wish is a remake of the film, Death Wish, that was released back in 1974. The 2018 film is directed by Eli Roth and written by Joe Carnahan. Starring in the remake is Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey, along with Vincent D’ Onofrio, Dean Norris, Kimberely Elise, Mike Epps, Elisabeth Shue, Camilla Morrone, and Beau Knapp.

The story of Death Wish follows Doctor Paul Kersey, who becomes a vigilante after his wife is murdered and daughter is brutally attacked by robbers. Kersey’s path of vengeance leaves a trail of bodies which leaves the city wondering if he is really a hero. Death Wish is set to release March 2, 2018.

Thoughts on The Death Wish Trailer

Having seen the original source material for Death Wish, I am not very optimistic about this remake. From both trailers you get a sense that the film i trying to be a John McClane vigilante piece rather than the emotional approach Charles Bronson brought in 1974. Action wise I saw nothing that was very interesting and the car jack scene had me groaning.

Thoughts on the Death Wish trailer? Let me know in The Pit below.


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