Dead By Daylight Saw DLC Out for PC, Xbox One, PS4

Behaviour Interactive has announced that the newest DLC for their horror multiplayer game, Dead by Daylight, is none other than everyone’s favorite torture series Saw.

The DLC update does not feature series staple Jigsaw, but rather has players take control of female protege Amanda Young (AKA “The Pig”).

The Pig brings with her new ways of dealing with survivors. In the teaser, we see her character use some type of bear trap, which after being attached to a victim, triggers once a timer runs out in bloody fashion.

Alongside the release of The Pig, Dead By Daylight is also receiving a new survivor named David Tapp, and a new map called Gideon’s Meat Plant.

The Saw Chapter DLC which adds The Pig, David Tapp, Gideon’s Meat Plant, and new perks is available for purchase on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for $6.99.

To read more about the multiplayer survival-horror PvP game, you can visit the official Dead by Daylight website.


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