Dauntless Has Reached 5 Million Players

Dauntless, the free to play monster hunting title out of Phoenix Labs has hit a number of player milestone recently. On Friday May 24th the studio announced they had reached 4 million players. Less than a day later the studio announced that Dauntless has reached 5 million players, adding an impressive 1 million players over the course of a day.

News of the milestone was reported on the Dauntless twitter. In the post the studio linked to art celebrating “5 million slayers” and wrote “More than FIVE MILLION players have answered the call and become Slayers. The Behemoth threat isn’t slowing down and neither are we. #LiveForTheHunt.”

As a free to play title its not insane to see this type of growth in a title. With that said the fact Dauntless is a monster hunting game, not a shooter, makes the numbers fairly impressive.

If you want to give cartoony monster hunting a try, you can pick up Dauntless for free on Xbox One, PS4, or PC (Epic Games Store exclusive).

Any thoughts now that Dauntless has reached 5 million players? Let me hear them in The Pit below.


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