Dark Souls 3: Twin Princes’ Greatsword

In Dark Souls 3, one particular weapon requires multiple play-throughs to acquire, the Twin Princes’ GreatswordDark Souls 3 has an incredible amount of weapons for the player to obtain. From spears and bows to staffs and shields, players are offered a wide range of options on how they want to play the game and the Twin Princes’ Greatsword no exception.

Acquiring the sword is rather straight forward. Each time you battle the Twin Princes, you will receive the Soul of the Twin Princes. Take the soul to Ludleth and have him transpose the soul into either Lothric’s Holy Sword, or Lorian’s Greatsword. On the next play-through (could also have a nice friend drop you the soul), transpose the soul for the weapon you did not get on you first play-through.

With both Lothric’s Holy Sword and Lorian’s Greatsword in you inventory, approach Ludleth and an option will be presented to “Transpose brothers’ blades“. Select the option and you are now the proud owner of the Twin Princes’ Greatsword. Wielding the Greatsword gives the player access to both Sacred Lothric Light and Flame of Lorian attacks. In stance, using normal attack casts Sacred Lothric Light, and strong attack casts Flame of Lorian. For a visualization of how the trade in process works, check out the video below.

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