Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Armor List

Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City is out and already we have seen a wide range of new weapons to collect. Alongside these new weapons are also a collection of new armors for players to find. Check out the our Ringed City armor list below!



Ringed City armor

Blackwitch set

The Blackwitch set is picked up near the red phantom in The Ringed City. This area is a dead end and has a hollow with the set on it.

Ringed Knight

Ringed City armor

Ringed Knight armor

The Ringed Knight set can be farmed of the various Ringed Knights scattered around The Ringed City. Wearing the Covetous Serpent Ring +3 appears to greatly boost getting this set in one go.


Ringed City armor

Shira’s set

The Shira’s set is accessed by killing Shira in Slave Knight Gael’s boss area then returning to the chapel she was locked in. Set is on the body praying.

Iron Drangonslayer

Ringed City armor

Iron Drangonslayer set

The Iron Dragonslayer set is collected by killing the Dragonslayer boss in The Ringed City swamp area.


Ringed City armor

Lapp’s set

The Lapp’s set is collected by either killing Lapp and purchasing it, or completing Lapp’s questline.


Ringed City armor

Ruin set

The Ruin set is found near the stairwell by the first bonfire in The Ringed City. This area has the phantoms that shoot arrows at you.

Desert Pyromancer

Ringed City armor

Desert Pyromancer set

The Desert Pyromancer set is collected by picking up pieces in Earthen Peak and killing the red phantom pyromancer.

Harald Legion

Ringed City armor

Harald Legion set

To get the Harald Legion set, simply farm the Harald Legion enemies. Note that this set appears to be very rare (took a while to collect).


Blindfold Mask

Ringed City armor

Blindfold mask

Kill the red phantom in the mines to get the Blindfold mask.

White Preacher Head

Ringed City armor

White Preacher Head

Found in the swamp area of The Ringed City.


Ringed City armor


Which of these is your favorite Ringed City armor set? Any particular Ringed City armor that you love? Hate? let me know in the Pit below.

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