“Dangerous” Dean Devlin Destroys Da World

In 2009 2012 came out, and Roland Emmerich basically nuked the concept of natural disaster movies, by throwing all types of natural disasters into one movie and destroying the world (and also giving John Cusack something to do). So, now in 2017 it seems redundant to even be talking about a natural disaster movie…unless…that disaster movie involves Gerard Butler controlling the weather (or not) with satellite dishes.

It is interesting to note that producer “Dangerous” Dean Devlin (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot) is stepping out from Roland Emmerich’s shadow, and is directing Geostorm as his first feature film (well, co-directing with the dude who did the Stallone Judge Dredd). One can only assume that Devlin was tired of simply making money off of Emmerich destroying the world, and figured it was time to throw his newly acquired director’s hat into the proverbial disaster movie ring.

As for the trailer itself, it seems like it is trying very hard to push that the film is fun, but I get the impression that the trailer had to dig through clips pretty hard to infuse the trailer with even a tiny bit of fun. The majority of the footage shown seems overly serious, and the try hard use of that Chambers Brothers’ song to make things seem more fun, suggests to me that the film takes itself too seriously.

Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see once Geostorm drops on October 20th, and I will certainly be seeking the film out, because natural disasters (on film) are my peanut butter and jelly.


“Look into the eyes of a FilmApe and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world.” - Werner Herzog

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