Cuphead Reveals More Gameplay (6 Minutes)

PAX is a good time for studios to show off new content and Cuphead developer StudioMDHR has done just that. I mentioned earlier in the year that Cuphead could be a game of the year contender and it seems justifiable. The 6 minute trailer shows off a bunch of things about the game.

Right out the gate is the games 1930 ‘ rubber hose ‘ animation style. Much of the characters scream early Disney, making the game visually unique. We also get a look at how co-op is handled with the inclusion of both a red and blue Cuphead. We are also given a glimpse of a shopping and upgrade system that is briefly shown off. While not much is shown, it appears items can be purchased and equipped to add special abilities to the Cupheads. As with other side scrolling shooter, players will be able to upgrade form a meagre bullet stream to varying speeds and types of projectiles.

For those who did not know, Cuphead was announced two years ago and has kept many fans eagerly awaiting it’s launch. Not much has been shown on the game, but the few bits we have received have been interesting to say the least.

Cuphead currently does not have an official release date, however it is expected to drop sometime later this year for PC and Xbox One.

What are your thoughts on what you have seen in Cuphead so far? Anything that standouts? Think it will live up to the hype? Let me know in the Pit below.

Footage via Polygon


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