Conan Unconquered Tech Tree List

Conan Unconquered is a new RTS title out of Petroglyph Games. While playing your are tasked with defending a kingdom from attacking enemy waves. To do this, you need to upgrade your units and buildings via the game’s different technologies. Below is our Conan Unconquered tech tree list.

Conan Unconquered Tech Tree

Image of the Conan Unconquered Tech Tree.

The Conan Unconquered Tech Tree is broken up into five major categories:

  • Fortress.
  • Craftsman Guild.
  • Engineer Guild.
  • Warfare Guild.
  • Scholar Guild.

To access the different guild technologies you need to unlock and build the respective buildings. Once the building is built you can begin to research technologies in those branches.

Fortress Technologies (Starting Tree)

Image showing the Conan Unconquered Fortress tech tree.

The Fortress tech is the first technology you have available when you start a game. In this branch you will find the following technologies:

  • Hero upgrade.
  • Lookout Tower.
  • Shrine.
  • Wooden Wall.
  • Light Gate.
  • Wooden Guard Tower.
  • Training Ground: Unlocks Swordsman and Javelin Soldier.
  • Battle Standard.
  • Quarry.
  • Lumber Camp.
  • Hunter Shack.
  • Hovel.

No research is required in accessing any of the above mentioned tech. They are all available upon the start of a game.

Craftsman Guild Technologies

Image showing the Conan Unconquered Crafstman Guide tech tree.

The Craftsman Guild allows you to research a number of different technologies. These technologies provide a noticeable leap in things like resources. To start researching Craftsman Guild technology you need to build a Craftsman Guild. Once this structure is built, you can research the following:

  • Command Methods: unlocks Command Tent and Wheel of Pain.
  • Economics: unlocks Marketplace and Stockyard (Stockyard gives access to Light Cavalry unit)
  • Engineer Training: unlocks Ballista Tower, Mine, and the Engineer Guild building.
  • Light Defenses: unlocks Spike Trap, Fortress Health Upgrade, and Brazier.
  • Food Supply: unlocks Hunter Shack upgrade, Dwelling, and Farm.
  • Scholar Training: unlocks Soul Collector, Enclave (Enclave unlocks Sorcerer unit), and the Scholar Guild building.

Depending on which technologies you unlock in this tree determines what next branch of the overall tech tree you will enter. Unlocking the Engineer Guild building opens up the Engineer Guild tech tree, while unlocking the Scholar Guild building will open up the Scholar Guild tech tree.

Scholar Guild Technologies

mage showing the Scholar Guild Technologies in conan Unconquered.

When you place a Scholar Guild, you will gain access to studying the Scholar Guild technologies. These technologies deal with sorcery. The unlocks are as follows:

  • Apothecary: unlocks Fortress Health upgrade and Priestess upgrade.
  • Optical Sorcery: unlocks Sunburst Tower.
  • Devotion: unlocks Temple which unlocks Avatar of Mitra and Priestess.
  • Sorcery Trap: unlocks Gas Trap and Fireball Trap.

There are no further branches after the Scholar Guild tree.

Engineer Guild Technologies

Image showing Engineer Guild Technologies in Conan Unconquered.

After you place the Engineer Guild building you are able to start researching different engineer themed technologies. These technologies are:

  • Storage Upgrade I: unlocks Fortress Health Upgrade and Expanded Storage I.
  • Advanced Training: unlocks Corpse Pickers, Archer, and Pikeman units.
  • Heavy Defenses: unlocks Oil Cauldron, and Mangonel Tower.
  • Warfare Training: unlocks Warfare Guild building.
  • Stone Defenses: unlocks Stone Guard Tower, Heavy Gate, and Stone Defenses.
  • Army Morale: unlocks the Camp Follower Tent.

If you unlock the Warfare Training technology, you will gain access to the Warfare Guild building and its technology tree.

Warfare Guild Technologies

Image showing the Warfare Guild Technologies in Conan Unconquered.

The Warfare Guild technologies are accessed by placing a Warfare Guild building. Once this building is placed you can begin to research new technology focused on warfare. The technologies available on this branch are:

  • Storage Upgrade II: unlocks Expanded Storage II, Manse, and Plantation.
  • Area Denial: unlocks Stygian Fire Tower.
  • Fortification: unlocks the Command Fort, Reinforcements, and Fortress Health Upgrade.
  • Elite Training: Unlocks the Heavy Archer and Heavy Cavalry units.

That’s all the different technologies in Conan Unconquered. Unlocking these different tech trees will help you outlast your enemies and protect you kingdom.

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