Conan Unconquered Enemy Unit Weaknesses

In Conan Unconquered you will face off against a number of different units in each wave. These units all have different weaknesses and exploiting them is crucial for your survival. To help you survive, check out our Conan Unconquered enemy unit weaknesses guide below. (Currently updating).

How to Check an Enemy Unit’s Weakness

Image showing where to find the enemy weaknesses in Conan Unconquered.

When an enemy unit is on screen, hover your mouse over the unit and you will see a pop up featuring information on that unit. This information includes health of the unit, combat stats, and combat strategy. The combat strategy shows you what the unit is weak to.

Conan Unconquered Enemy Unit Weaknesses List

Each unit in Conan Unconquered is weak to other specific units. Using these units on enemies will increase the damage you deal to them. Understanding each enemy unit’s weakness will help you survive. Here’s what enemy is weak to what unit.

Enemy Units

  • Nomad Javalineer: Cavalry > Ranged > Melee.
  • Nomad Spearmen: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Shem Asshuri: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Kush Horseman: Melee > Cavalry > Ranged.
  • Necromancer: Cavalry > Ranged > Melee.
  • Nomade Fire Javelineer: Cavalry > Ranged > Melee.
  • Stygian Scout: Melee > Cavalry > Ranged.
  • Fire Catapult: Cavalry > Ranged > Melee.
  • Corpse Catapult: Cavalry > Ranged > Melee.


  • Ostrich: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Horde Spider: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Giant Spider: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Queen Spider: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • King Spider: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Horde Scorpion: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Giant Scorpion: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Giant Snake: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.


  • Bat Demon: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.
  • Flame Demon: Ranged > Melee > Cavalry.

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