Code Vein: Where to Buy Consumables

In Code Vein you will discover a number of items to help you on your journey. These items impact things from health recovery to weapon buffs. While you will find a number of consumables, there is also a merchant to buy consumables from. Below I will show you where to buy consumables in Code Vein.

Buy Consumables From Coco at Home Base

Image showing where to Buy Consumables From Coco at Home Base.

When you reach the hub area called Home Base you will gain access to a number of NPCs. These NPCs provide interesting services like upgrading weapons & armors, giving gifts, and switching partners. Alongside these services you will notice an NPC next to a car. This NPC is named Coco. Coco is Code Vein‘s resident consumables saleswoman. Coco’s inventory of consumables will increase as you playthrough the game. This means things like Stamina Boosters, Venom Vaccine, Vivifier, and more items are purchasable for Haze.

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