Code Vein: How to Upgrade Equipment

In Code Vein you will collect a number of weapons and Blood Veils which make up the bulk of your offensive and defensive arsenals. These pieces of equipment will need to be upgraded as you advance in order to take on tougher enemies. To help you learn more, here’s how to upgrade equipment in Code Vein.

Upgrade Equipment Through Murasame in Home Base

Image showing Murasame in Home Base.

To begin upgrading your equipment in Code Vein you need to reach the Home Base. The Home Base area is the hub world in Code Vein. In this hub area you will find a number of merchants including Murasame. Murasame can be found behind the counter in front of a the large bank vault. Murasame is your central point for upgrade services. This service allows you to upgrade weapons and Blood Veils. To upgrade your equipment you will need to have resources (queen iron/queen steel) and Haze.

Why Upgrade Equipment?

Image showing the benefits of upgrading equipment.

Upgrading equipment is a central aspect of Code Vein as it allows you to improve attack damage, defensive stats, resistances, and Gifts. As you advance the game you will need to upgrade your equipment in order to take on the harder enemies in the game.

That’s all you need to know about how to upgrade equipment in Code Vein. Keep your equipment upgraded and you will have no issues taking on the different enemies and bosses in this game!

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