Code Vein: How to Switch Partners

In Code Vein you have the option of playing the game with a human partner or a computer controlled NPC partner. These partners help you take on the various enemies and bosses you will encounter throughout the game. If you opt to play the game with an NPC, you will have a wide pool of partners to choose from. Below I will show you how to switch partners in Code Vein.

Switch Partners at Home Base

Image showing where to switch partners in the Home Base.

To start make your way through the Ruined City Underground starting area to reach the Home Base hub. In the Home Base hub you will have access to a number of NPC services including upgrading equipment, changing character appearance, and purchasing consumables. Alongside these service you can change partners. To change partners simply approach the partner you wish to have join your team. Interact with them and select Switch Partner. This will switch them to your active partner.

This concludes our look at how to switch partners in Code Vein. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, drop me a comment in The Pit below.

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